Classification of Seeds

Different seeds are defined by different sensations. So seeds can be classified by sensation into different categories. The labels we give to these classes are arbitrary, but the following names have been chosen for their mnemonic value. They will smoothly fit into our traditional ways of discussing physics and be easy to remember.

Class Sensations Seeds
rotating seeds achromatic visual sensations up-seed.png down-seed.png
electronic seeds inorganic chromatic visual sensations evil-seed.png good-seed.png
muonic seeds organic chromatic visual sensations meridian-seed.png austral-seed.png
leptonic seeds chromatic visual sensations evil-seed.png good-seed.png meridian-seed.png austral-seed.png
dynamic seeds visual sensations up-seed.png down-seed.png evil-seed.png good-seed.png meridian-seed.png austral-seed.png
conjugate seeds somatic sensations ordinary-seed.png odd-seed.png
big baryonic seeds dangerous thermal sensations top-seed.png bottom-seed.png
small baryonic seeds safe thermal sensations strange-seed.png charmed-seed.png
baryonic seeds thermal sensations top-seed.png bottom-seed.png strange-seed.png charmed-seed.png
thermodynamic seeds thermal and visual sensations up-seed.png down-seed.png evil-seed.png good-seed.png meridian-seed.png austral-seed.png top-seed.png bottom-seed.png strange-seed.png charmed-seed.png
molecular seeds sour taste sensations Acidic-seed.png Basic-seed.png
ionic seeds salty taste sensations Cationic-seed.png Anionic-seed.png
isomeric seeds sweet taste sensations Dextro-seed.png Levo-seed.png
chemical seeds taste sensations Acidic-seed.png Basic-seed.png Cationic-seed.png Anionic-seed.png Dextro-seed.png Levo-seed.png

The letter Z represents a generic seed

$\sf{Z} \in \large{\{}$ $\sf{U, D, E, G, M, A, T, B, S, C, O, \bar{O}, }$ ⓐ, ⓑ, Ⓒ, Ⓐ, Ⓓ, $\large{\}}$

And after objectifying experience, events that were were defined from bundles of sensation are subsequently treated as seed-aggregates. Both interpretations are mathematically represented using expressions such as

$\sf{P}_{ \it{k}} = \left\{ \sf{Z}^{1}, \sf{Z}^{2}, \sf{Z}^{3} \ldots \ \right\}$

Right.png Next step: seeds are indestructible.
Nouns Definition
Rotating Seeds $\sf{\text{Objectified black and white sensations.}}$ 3-22
Nouns Definition
Electronic Seeds $\sf{\text{Objectified yellow and blue sensations.}}$ 3-23
Nouns Definition
Muonic Seeds $\sf{\text{Objectified red and green sensations.}}$ 3-24
Nouns Definition
Leptonic Seeds $\sf{\text{Objectified yellow, blue, red and green sensations.}}$ 3-25
Nouns Definition
Dynamic Seeds $\sf{\text{Objectified visual sensations.}}$ 3-26
Nouns Definition
Conjugate Seeds $\sf{\text{Objectified somatic sensations.}}$ 3-27
Nouns Definition
Baryonic Seeds $\sf{\text{Objectified thermal sensations.}}$ 3-28
Nouns Definition
Thermodynamic Seeds $\sf{\text{Objectified thermal and visual sensations.}}$ 3-29
Nouns Definition
Molecular Seeds $\sf{\text{Objectified sour taste sensations.}}$ 3-30
Nouns Definition
Ionic Seeds $\sf{\text{Objectified salty taste sensations.}}$ 3-31
Nouns Definition
Isomeric Seeds $\sf{\text{Objectified sweet taste sensations.}}$ 3-32
Nouns Definition
Chemical Seeds $\sf{\text{Objectified taste sensations.}}$ 3-33
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