Chemical Bonds
Chemical bonds are understood as pairs of electrons, $\sf{e^{–}}$. Non-specific bonds are noted with generic symbols like wedgebond.png and wavybond.png. Specific bonds are marked by the letter $\mathbb{B}$. To satisfy Pauli's exclusion principle electrons are distinguished from each other by association with various chemical quarks such as acidic-quark.png cationic-quark.png or dextro-quark.png. Each bond is characterized by $D_{\! \large{\circ}}$ a bond dissociation energy that depends on the enthalpy $H$ and internal energy $U$ as

$\begin{align} D^{ \mathbb{B} }_{\! \large{\circ}} \equiv H^{ \mathbb{B} } -N H^{ \sf{e^{–}} } = \sum_{ \sf{q} \in \mathbb{B}} \Delta n^{\sf{q}} U^{\sf{q}} \end{align}$

where $n$ is the coefficient of quark $\sf{q}$, and $N$ is the number of electrons in the bond. Experimentally observed values for dissociation energies are taken from these references.1,2,3,4
Single Bonds linegrey.png wedgegrey.png hashgrey.png
$\mathbb{B}_{\sf{G1}} \equiv \, \,${ {e, acidic-quark.png}, {e, basic-quark.png} }
$\mathbb{B}_{\sf{G2}} \equiv \, \,${ {e, acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e, basic-quark.png} }
$\mathbb{B}_{\sf{G3}} \equiv \, \,${ {e, acidic-quark.png}, {e, basic-anti-quark.png} }
$\mathbb{B}_{\sf{G4}} \equiv \, \,${ {e, acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e, basic-anti-quark.png} }
$\mathbb{B}_{\sf{A1}} \equiv \, \,${ {e, cationic-quark.png}, {e, anionic-quark.png} }
$\mathbb{B}_{\sf{A2}} \equiv \, \,${ {e, cationic-anti-quark.png}, {e, anionic-quark.png} }
$\mathbb{B}_{\sf{A3}} \equiv \, \,${ {e, cationic-quark.png}, {e, anionic-anti-quark.png} }
$\mathbb{B}_{\sf{A4}} \equiv \, \,${ {e, cationic-anti-quark.png}, {e, anionic-anti-quark.png} }
$\mathbb{B}_{\sf{S1}} \equiv \, \,${ {e, dextro-quark.png}, {e, levo-quark.png} }
$\mathbb{B}_{\sf{S2}} \equiv \, \,${ {e, dextro-anti-quark.png}, {e, levo-quark.png} }
$\mathbb{B}_{\sf{S3}} \equiv \, \,${ {e, dextro-quark.png}, {e, levo-anti-quark.png} }
$\mathbb{B}_{\sf{S4}} \equiv \, \,${ {e, dextro-anti-quark.png}, {e, levo-anti-quark.png} }
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M1a}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-quark.png}, {e cationic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M1b}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e cationic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M1c}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-quark.png}, {e cationic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M1d}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e cationic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M2a}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-quark.png}, {e anionic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M2b}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e anionic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M2c}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-quark.png}, {e anionic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M2d}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e anionic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M3a}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-quark.png}, {e cationic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M3b}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-anti-quark.png}, {e cationic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M3c}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-quark.png}, {e cationic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M3d}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-anti-quark.png}, {e cationic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M4a}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-quark.png}, {e anionic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M4b}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-anti-quark.png}, {e anionic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M4c}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-quark.png}, {e anionic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M4d}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-anti-quark.png}, {e anionic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M5a}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-quark.png}, {e dextro-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M5b}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e dextro-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M5c}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-quark.png}, {e dextro-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M5d}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e dextro-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M6a}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-quark.png}, {e levo-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M6b}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e levo-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M6c}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-quark.png}, {e levo-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M6d}} \equiv \, \,${{e acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e levo-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M7a}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-quark.png}, {e dextro-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M7b}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-anti-quark.png}, {e dextro-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M7c}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-quark.png}, {e dextro-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M7d}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-anti-quark.png}, {e dextro-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M8a}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-quark.png}, {e levo-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M8b}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-anti-quark.png}, {e levo-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M8c}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-quark.png}, {e levo-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M8d}} \equiv \, \,${{e basic-anti-quark.png}, {e levo-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M9a}} \equiv \, \,${{e cationic-quark.png}, {e dextro-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M9b}} \equiv \, \,${{e cationic-anti-quark.png}, {e dextro-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M9c}} \equiv \, \,${{e cationic-quark.png}, {e dextro-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M9d}} \equiv \, \,${{e cationic-anti-quark.png}, {e dextro-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M10a}} \equiv \, \,${{e cationic-quark.png}, {e levo-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M10b}} \equiv \, \,${{e cationic-anti-quark.png}, {e levo-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M10c}} \equiv \, \,${{e cationic-quark.png}, {e levo-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M10d}} \equiv \, \,${{e cationic-anti-quark.png}, {e levo-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M11a}} \equiv \, \,${{e anionic-quark.png}, {e dextro-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M11b}} \equiv \, \,${{e anionic-anti-quark.png}, {e dextro-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M11c}} \equiv \, \,${{e anionic-quark.png}, {e dextro-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M11d}} \equiv \, \,${{e anionic-anti-quark.png}, {e dextro-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M12a}} \equiv \, \,${{e anionic-quark.png}, {e levo-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M12b}} \equiv \, \,${{e anionic-anti-quark.png}, {e levo-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M12c}} \equiv \, \,${{e anionic-quark.png}, {e levo-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{M12d}} \equiv \, \,${{e anionic-anti-quark.png}, {e levo-anti-quark.png}}
Double Bonds doublegrey.png
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E1}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-quark.png}, {e, basic-quark.png}, {e, cationic-quark.png}, {e, anionic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E2}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-quark.png}, {e, basic-quark.png}, {e, cationic-quark.png}, {e, anionic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E3}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-quark.png}, {e, basic-quark.png}, {e, cationic-anti-quark.png}, {e, anionic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E4}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-quark.png}, {e, basic-quark.png}, {e, cationic-anti-quark.png}, {e, anionic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E5}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-quark.png}, {e, basic-anti-quark.png}, {e, cationic-quark.png}, {e, anionic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E6}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-quark.png}, {e, basic-anti-quark.png}, {e, cationic-quark.png}, {e, anionic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E7}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-quark.png}, {e, basic-anti-quark.png}, {e, cationic-anti-quark.png}, {e, anionic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E8}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-quark.png}, {e, basic-anti-quark.png}, {e, cationic-anti-quark.png}, {e, anionic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E9}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e, basic-quark.png}, {e, cationic-quark.png}, {e, anionic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E10}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e, basic-quark.png}, {e, cationic-quark.png}, {e, anionic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E11}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e, basic-quark.png}, {e, cationic-anti-quark.png}, {e, anionic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E12}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e, basic-quark.png}, {e, cationic-anti-quark.png}, {e, anionic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E13}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e, basic-anti-quark.png}, {e, cationic-quark.png}, {e, anionic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E14}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e, basic-anti-quark.png}, {e, cationic-quark.png}, {e, anionic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E15}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e, basic-anti-quark.png}, {e, cationic-anti-quark.png}, {e, anionic-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{E16}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-anti-quark.png}, {e, basic-anti-quark.png}, {e, cationic-anti-quark.png}, {e, anionic-anti-quark.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{D}} \equiv \, \,${{e, cationic-quark.png}, {e, anionic-quark.png}, {e, dextro-quark.png}, {e, levo-quark.png}}
And 15 other permutations between quarks and anti-quarks for the $\mathbb{B}_{\sf{D}}$ bonds that are similar to the $\mathbb{B}_{\sf{E}}$ bonds. See spreadsheets for details.
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{\Delta}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-quark.png}, {e, basic-quark.png}, {e, dextro-quark.png}, {e, levo-quark.png}}
And 15 other permutations between quarks and anti-quarks for the $\mathbb{B}_{\sf{\Delta}}$ bonds that are similar to the $\mathbb{B}_{\sf{E}}$ bonds. See spreadsheets for details.
Triple Bonds triplegrey.png
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{T1}} \equiv \, \,${{e, acidic-quark.png}, {e, basic-quark.png}, {e, cationic-quark.png}, {e, anionic-quark.png}, {e, dextro-quark.png}, {e, levo-quark.png}}
And 63 other permutations of quarks and anti-quarks. See spreadsheets for details.
Mixed Bonds wavygrey.png
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{X1}} \equiv \, \,${{e Acidic-seed.png}, {e Basic-seed.png}, {e Cationic-seed.png}, {e Dextro-seed.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{X2}} \equiv \, \,${{e Acidic-seed.png}, {e Basic-seed.png}, {e Cationic-seed.png}, {e Levo-seed.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{X3}} \equiv \, \,${{e Acidic-seed.png}, {e Basic-seed.png}, {e Anionic-seed.png}, {e Dextro-seed.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{X4}} \equiv \, \,${{e Acidic-seed.png}, {e Basic-seed.png}, {e Anionic-seed.png}, {e Levo-seed.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{Y1}} \equiv \, \,${{e Basic-seed.png}, {e Cationic-seed.png}, {e Anionic-seed.png}, {e Levo-seed.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{Y2}} \equiv \, \,${{e Acidic-seed.png}, {e Cationic-seed.png}, {e Anionic-seed.png}, {e Levo-seed.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{Y3}} \equiv \, \,${{e Basic-seed.png}, {e Cationic-seed.png}, {e Anionic-seed.png}, {e Dextro-seed.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{Y4}} \equiv \, \,${{e Acidic-seed.png}, {e Cationic-seed.png}, {e Anionic-seed.png}, {e Dextro-seed.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{Z1}} \equiv \, \,${{e Acidic-seed.png}, {e Cationic-seed.png}, {e Dextro-seed.png}, {e Levo-seed.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{Z2}} \equiv \, \,${{e Acidic-seed.png}, {e Anionic-seed.png}, {e Dextro-seed.png}, {e Levo-seed.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{Z3}} \equiv \, \,${{e Basic-seed.png}, {e Cationic-seed.png}, {e Dextro-seed.png}, {e Levo-seed.png}}
$\mathbb{B} _{\sf{Z4}} \equiv \, \,${{e Basic-seed.png}, {e Anionic-seed.png}, {e Dextro-seed.png}, {e Levo-seed.png}}

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